A trust – whether revocable, irrevocable, testamentary or other – is created by a trust agreement, which dictates when, how and to whom an individual’s assets are distributed either after their death or at some other chosen time. The trust agreement also appoints a trustee to manage and distribute the assets held within the trust pursuant to the terms of the trust agreement.

At Davis Law Firm, P.A., we often represent trustees throughout the administration or distribution of the trust assets. We have worked extensively with the administration of various trusts, including:

  • Revocable trusts (or living trusts)
  • Irrevocable trusts
  • Testamentary trusts
  • Supplemental needs or special needs trusts

Use Trusts To Avoid Probate

If an individual’s assets are properly funded to his or her trust, those assets do not need to be probated. We provide advice to our clients on titling their assets and updating their beneficiary designations to flow consistently with their estate plan. When creating an estate plan, we continue to represent our clients throughout the entire process, from drafting their estate plan to making necessary updates as they age to administering their estate.

We work with our clients on both an individual and a family basis and often assist our clients’ children or other family members during periods of incapacity or after the death of a client. As we often both draft and implement the estate plan, our involvement provides for a smoother transition of wealth to the next generation.

Experienced Assistance In Trust Litigation

Sometimes, you must work with an attorney to ensure that a trust is in the right hands and is not at risk of mismanagement. Davis Law Firm, P.A. represent family members who feel concerned about the actions of a trustee and would like an accounting or to remove a certain fiduciary. If you are a fiduciary who is a trustee, we can represent you as well.

Ask A Lawyer About Trust Administration And Litigation

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