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Davis Law Firm provides advice on business formation, organization, and taxation to potential and existing business owners and managers. When starting a business, we assist our clients in determining the type of business entity that best fits their needs, whether it is a partnership, limited liability company (LLC), corporation, or other type of business entity. An important aspect of owning and developing a business is protection of the business assets and planning for its future. At Davis Law Firm, we assist our clients in forming the business in a way that provides the greatest amount of liability and asset protection on both a personal and a business level. We also often draft confidentiality and non-compete agreements to protect our clients’ valuable or sensitive business information. Finally, our expertise in estate planning helps us develop a plan for business succession and continuation for our clients. We are able to integrate this plan with the personal estate plan of the business owner and ensure that both the business and the family members of the owner are protected and provided for. Our business succession and continuation plans are drafted to minimize taxes and provide for a smooth transition.

At Davis Law Firm, we represent both family-owned businesses and commercial businesses. Family-owned businesses often present a unique set of challenges, especially during generational transfers. Many of our family business clients are concerned with developing a plan to transfer the business in a way that is fair to all family members, whether or not they are involved in the family business. We represent all types of family businesses and family farm corporations or partnerships.

Regardless of the type of business, Davis Law Firm assist its clients with running a successful business by drafting corporate documents, such as bylaws, transfer restriction agreements, member control agreements, and operating agreements, by documenting meetings and actions of the board of directors, and by advising our clients on shareholder rights. The attorneys also provide assistance and advice on the negotiation and drafting of business contracts, purchase or sale and lease agreements, as well as independent contractor and employment agreements. As many small businesses cannot afford their own full time in-house attorney, we often serve as general counsel to small businesses to provide legal advice to our clients on a need basis.

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