Aircraft Title & Escrow

Davis Law Aircraft Title & Escrow is an aviation title and escrow branch of Davis Law Firm, PA. Davis Law Aircraft Title & Escrow offers specialized escrow and title services and provides knowledgeable assistance with title and document recordation within the aviation industry. Its employees have assisted clients in all aspects of aircraft transfers and can provide experienced advice to provide guidance to all parties throughout the duration fo the transaction.

If you or your client is seeking advice on aircraft purchases, sales, or leases, state, federal, and international registrations of foreign or domestic aircraft, financing of an aircraft purchase, placement or release of security interests, or how to complete a 1031 like-kind exchange, Davis Law Aircraft Title & Escrow can provide the assistance you need.

Throughout the transaction, Davis Law Aircraft Title & Escrow works with the purchaser, seller, lending institution, attorneys, and all other parties involved to ensure the protection of all interests and to complete the transaction in an efficient and effectual manner while maintaining compliance with all regulating bodies.


  • Escrow Services

  • Davis Law Title & Escrow acts as an independent third-party to hold and transfer funds as necessary and facilitate the closing of your aircraft transactions.



  • Title Services and Document Filing

  • We conduct FAA and International Registry title searches, and ensure clear title on aircraft engines. Davis Law AircraftTitle & Escrow also gathers, organizes, and reviews documents related to aircraft transactions for compliance with FAA rules and regulations, and coordinates with all parties to complete the transaction.


  • International Registry

  • Davis Law Aircraft Title & Escrow ensures compliance of the parties and the aircraft transaction with the Cape Town Treaty, and is a registered entity within the International Registry.


  • Lien and Lease Placement and Clearance

  • We facilitate recording and release of all liens and security interests on aircraft with the FAA and the International Registry. As well as recording and terminating leasehold interests with the FAA and the International Registry.


  • 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges

  • Davis Law Aircraft Title & Escrow coordinates with Qualified Third-Party Intermediaries to complete 1031 tax-free exchanges.

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